Requiem is a PvP and EndGame Guild. We are comprised of players who have been playing Shaiya for years. We’re serious about being at the top, and we know what it takes to get there. We pride ourselves in our abilities and the true friendships we have created.

End-game refers to the part of the game where level advancement is no longer the goal; the part of the game where PvP and Raiding take center stage.

For Requiem members, End-game refers to a group of the same people, more or less, who raid together for all events, no questions asked. Sign-ups are unnecessary because everyone knows who will be there and when to show up. All the members kick in equal amounts, and the group works together to progress to the top. End-game, to us, is prioritizing top level bosses/dungeons and PvP above all other goals that people have.

Requiem members realize that being the best in PvP or at End Game content is not about being able to beat people 1vs1 a few times or having mass numbers of members. We know that in order to be the best, you need teamwork. Without teamwork, great skills are pretty much wasted.

Everything from player skill to teamwork can be worked on; however, we believe that a pre-existing talent needs to be there in order for someone to become a top player. This is why Requiem is selective about who is recruited.

* First Lailah Guild to receive a drop from RotCO.

* First Guild in Shaiya to take down CTL without exploiting.